Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Translation of Yasmine Fahim's Poem


No, it is not true,
No, my baby, it cannot be.
You cannot be gone, my angel,
Quite simply, like the dew with the rising of the sun.
You were full of life, of joy, of hope, and of tenderness.

Yes, you were like a bird from paradise placed in our lives to teach us the true message of friendship, love, and faith.
We were taken in your wake, trustful that you would always be among us.

You had so many projects,
We shared your dreams, we looked forward to your tomorrow.
And like that, my child, you disappear, suddenly, without a warning. And like that, small flower, death tears you away from us and leaves us without defences against the brutality of your departure, without force against this throbbing pain which does not release us, without a desire to think of anyone but you

No, my pretty, you cannot have left us.
The fists are tightened and try to push back this absence, to refuse this silence. “No, not her, not Samar. She still lives."
Samar, small pearl, you lived, you live, you will always live in the bottom of our hearts.

Yasmine Fahim (Oum Mohammad and Waleed Al Bassam)

The shock.
The shock and incomprehension.
And then, the aftermath, it is the cry, this cry which spouts out of the depth of ones soul
The tears run, the sobs skin the throat.
Only one word emerges from this torrent of emotions: “Binti Samar, Binti ".
And then the refusal:
The fists are tightened,
the arms push back the pressures.
No, no, it cannot be her,
That cannot be her.
And the days follow,
Mornings are painful because the memory of your absense breaks our heart.
The distressing evenings which do not cease to break the heart.
Words, faith, the tender gestures do nothing there.
The heart is lost in a dark pit of sadness.
The heart is choked.
And then pain is less. Finally it calms when the memory of Samar believing, Trustful Samar, Samar who missed no prayer reminds us that only one exit is possible: the certainty that finally she sleeps in peace, dressed in white, pure and smiling, like an angel under the mercy of the eternal Allah.
Samar, you live in our hearts, forever.

Yasmine Fahim (Oum Mohammad and Waleed Al Bassam)

This tear, my soft, cradled in the depth of your eyes,
This tear which runs finally on your satin cheek,
This tear, little girl, tortures my heart.

Khala Yasmine

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