Thursday, February 24, 2011

You're My Guest In Thought

Once A Day

And Sometimes More,

You Knock Upon My

Day Dream Door.

And l say Warmly,

"Come Right In,

l'm Glad You're Here

With Me Again!"

We Sit Right Down

And Have A long Chat,

Recalling This,

Discussing That,

Until Some Task

Comes right along

That l must Do.. That

Forces Me Away From You...

Reluctantly l Say Goodbye,

Smiling With A Little Sigh.

For Through My Day Dreams

They Bring You Near,

l Wish That You

Were Really Here ....

But What Reality

Can't Change,

My Dreams And Wishes

Can Arrange...

And Through My Wishing

You'll Be Brought,

To Me Each Day,

A Guest In Thought.

Author Unknown

Sunday, February 20, 2011


One surreptitious glance from O’Brien made Winston feel at ease; he was not anomalous for transgressing state laws.  Winston knew that O’Brien committed thought crime as well; they were both insurgents at heart.  “Oh brother of mine, I do not need to be cajoled, for I have always been against the ghastly demagogue, Big Brother.  Lead the rebellion and disabuse the people from all this erroneous beliefs, and I will  be behind you, for it will be an honor for me to live vicariously through such an extraordinary man as yourself,” Winston couldn’t help thinking as he was sitting in the mandatory physics lectures they made all comrades attend.  Winston couldn’t say that to O’Brien, at least out loud, because he would be castigated severely for committing such a “heinous” crime.  His heart grew heavier with the new feeling of guilt he acquired, he had to think of something else in order for anyone detecting the rebellion in his eyes.  He desperately tried to focus on the lecture in which the physicist was changing what he thought was an immutable law of physics, but he numbed by ennui that he couldn’t focus.  The clock struck , the lecture was almost over, and Winston had limited time to approach O’Brien.  Winston sat on his extremely uncomfortable seat which sent pangs of pain to his spinal cord trying to contrive a way in which to approach O’Brien in a manner that was not brusque.  He wasn’t sure that O’Brien was against Big Brother, so he need to approach him in an manner in which his rebellion was not bluntly obvious.  It was fifteen minutes past , and like mindless robots, everyone got up uniformly to leave.  On O’Brien’s way out, he winked at Winston, making Winston’s heart beat so fast that he was scared someone would notice; O’Brien was definitely an insurgent. He alone was the sole arbiter of the fate of our revolutionary movement.
Samar Al-Ansari                                
Nov. 28,’04

Monday, February 14, 2011

لماذا كل هذه الدموع؟

" يا امرأة، لماذا كل هذه الدموع؟"

أبكي ابنتي وأناديها بفؤاد موجوع

اشتقت إليها فقد ذهبت دون رجوع

تركتني والأسى على وجنتي مطبوع

عذرا إن كنت أنتحب بصوت مسموع

والعبرات تتدفق من عيوني كالينبوع

فأنا أشعر وكأن جزءا من جسدي مخلوع

"لا تبك فأنت مؤمنة و تصلي بخشوع

وتعلمين بأن الموت حق مشروع

أدع لها أن تجاور الأنبياء محمد ويسوع"

هل البكاء علي أيضا ممنوع؟

ولا أستطيع ذكرها بصوت مرفوع

أنا مؤمنة بقضاء الله لكن قلبي مفجوع

يذوب كذوبان الشموع

أرجو أن يكون حبكم لي مشفوع

...مدركين بأن قلبي أصبح منزوع

©رنده ربحي حماده

(أم سمر)
جميع الحقوق محفوظة للمؤلفة

Monday, February 07, 2011


Remembrance is a golden chain

Death tries to break,

but all in vain.

To have, to love, and then to part

Is the greatest sorrow of one's heart.

The years may wipe out many things

But some they wipe out never.

Like memories of those happy times

When we were all together.

Author Unknown

Friday, February 04, 2011


ابنتي أرسلت لي رسالة تخبريني

عن فرحتك لما فعلته من أجلك وتعلميني

.بأنك معي في كل لحظة تراقبيني

رسائلك تبعثيها مع الأغراب لتبلغيني

بأنك حبيبتي بخير وتطمئنيني

وتؤكدي لي بأنك لم تفارقيني

ترى لم لا تأتي بنفسك وتزوريني؟

أمي أخشى لو زرتك بحلم تبكيني"

بعد السعادة التي ستغمرك عندما تريني

ومن القبلات التي احن إليها تشبعيني

إن صحوت من النوم ولم تجديني

ويبقى حضنك خال بعد أن كنت تضميني

سامحيني أمي إن لم آتيك بحلم... سامحيني

".المهم أن رسائلي تصلك حتى لو لم تشاهديني
رنده ربحي حماده
(أم سمر)
2011© جميع الحقوق محفوظة للمؤلفة

Tuesday, February 01, 2011