Monday, October 02, 2006

Gratitude by Maram Abdulaal

Dearest Um and Abu Samar, and Qadar and Omar,
First of all i'd like to offer my sincerest condolences to you, i'm truly sorry for your loss. i didnt really know Samar on a personal level but i saw her around alot yet i still cry and pray for her wishing that i got to know her before her time came. she was a beautiful girl with such a bright and affable aura and such a sweet smile and creative sense of humor.i've never had an experience with death before, and since Samar and I were barely even close i kinda feel that its not even my right to cry for her especially until now and so many more people feel this way, but we still cry for her and think of her and pray for her to ourselves, and still dont know whether to delete her hi5 pic or not coz it stings so much to see it but we dont want it to kill her friends to see it, yet it really shakes us up when her memory is in the air. but i think its best to keep it right where it is to constantly remind everyone of her beautiful aura and the memories she shared with loved ones in loving memory of a sweet soul searching for the sunrise, even reaching for it coz God knows, as well as all her loved ones, that she belongs up there. I'm also writing to say that everyone is just admiring your family for standing so strong and following through with her goals and dreams and even starting a site dedicated to her,alot of people are learning so much about her from it and wish they had a person like her in their lives, your strength and determination is honestly amazing and so admirable wallah. im sure she's looking down at everyone and smiling her well known smile to each and every person who thinks, cries, laughs, and prays for her. Again i'm very sorry for your loss, it seems to be as big a loss to all of Bahrain as it is to your family and her heartbroken friends, who everyone would like to console and be there for if they would let us whenever they're ready. Allah Yr7mch Samar, wish i got to know u when i had the chance u seem to be such an amazing and lovable person.
Thank You for your time and effort, and i'm really sorry if i have troubled you..
Sincerely Yours,
Maram Abdulaal.

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