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Like sound in snow,
grief absorbs,
muffles life around us,
while pain darkens,
overshadows all
in clouds of sorrow.
by Genesse Bordeau Gentry, 2009 ,Copyright©
Catching the Light

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My Worst Habit

My worst habit is shaking my foot. Not only do I do it while I’m nervous, I do it constantly, I even do it before I go to sleep. As I was thinking, about my worst habit, I realized that I was shaking my right foot. I do it without realizing so most of the time. Unfortunately, I don’t think I can stop because I think this is something genetic, because my father has the same awful habit I have. They say that when you shake your foot you are nervous, but I’m doing it right now and I’m not the least bit nervous. Oh well, it gives me character.

Samar Al-Ansari 11.5

Sep. 24, ‘04

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Wakaima and the Coat Hanger Man (pages 15-17)

Wakaima and the Coat Hanger Man
By Samar Al Ansari
Grade 7C

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wakaima and the Great Hanger Man (pages 13-14)

Wakaima and the Coat Hanger Man
By Samar Al Ansari
Grade 7C

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Don't Ask Me

“Remove her pictures
and to her grave don’t go.
Empty her room,
you’ll feel better, I know

Because as long as you cling
to every thing
sadness will always
at your door bell ring.”

Your words
are breaking my heart.
You want me to forget
what of me is a part?

Now my beloved
is closer to me than before
I keep her in my heart
and close the door

Leave me alone
in the way I handle my grief
My heartache
is severe beyond belief

The ultimate loss of a child
is so unique
It will never ease
but makes the parent weak

And the mother’s grief
so profound
It gets deeper and deeper
as the years go round

So please don’t ask me
not to do this or that
But give me a hug
and about her let’s chat

Randah R. Hamadeh, 2009, Copyright©
Summer Rays

Written in loving memory of my daughter
Samar Ahmed Al Ansari (4/4/1988-4/9/2006)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Wakaima and the Coat Hanger Man (pages 11-12)

Wakaima and the Coat Hanger Man
By Samar Al Ansari
Grade 7C

Friday, September 10, 2010

صلاة العيد

كنت بين جموع المصلين
وإلى جانبي يا ابنتي تقفين
ولرب العزة معي تسجدين
تسلمي على سيد المرسلين
.وبقدوم العيد إياي تهنئين
أتيت لأنك تريدي أن تؤكدين
بأنك معي أينما حللت تذهبين
وبما أفعل يا حبيبتي تشاركين
.ووحشة العيد دونك، تخففين
،رأيتك ملابس العيد ترتدين
وبأجمل الحلي يا ابنتي تتزينين
وشممت العطر الذي به تطيبين
فأحسست بك... يا أغلى الغاليين
وشعرت بتميزي عن الآخرين
فحبيبة قلبي ترافقني حتى
.وهي عند رب العالمين

©رنده ربحي حماده
(أم سمر)
جميع الحقوق محفوظة للمؤلفة

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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

هدية من فريال الأعظمي في ذكرى سمر الأولى

Sunday, September 05, 2010

ليلة القدر

"أمي! ليلة القدر هلت اطلبي ما تشائين
ادع لي ولأخوتي ولباقي المحبين
التمسي الصبر لك والرحمة لي يا أغلى الغاليين
ادع فأبواب السماوات مفتوحة للقانطين
ربنا يسمع ويلبي دعاء الخاشعين
و يحقق الأماني للذين على صلاتهم مواظبين
"أمي! إن شاء الله سيحقق لك ما تتمنين

يا ابنتي! لا أريد إلا أن تكوني بالجنة تتمتعين
تحيط بك الورود و الأزهار و الرياحين
وأن تكوني من الذين هم على الأرائك متكئين
تجلسين بجوار الشهداء و الصديقين
كما أريد أن أضمك إلى صدري وأنا بعالم النائمين
نتحادث كما كنا نفعل عبر الأيام والسنين
و أن يحفظ لي أباك وأخاك وأختك والمقربين

أمي أنا في ديار رب العالمين"
في كنف الرحمن، أتمنى أن تطمأنين
"سأزورك في حلم دون أن تتوقعين
©رنده ربحي حماده
جميع الحقوق محفزظة للمؤلفة 2010
(أم سمر)

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Too Many Fours

Gulf Daily News Volume XXXIII NO 167, Sept 3,2010

Four years since you passed away
Samar 404
Four years
since you walked out the door.

Life went on mostly bitter
but at times sweet
Yet without you,
everything is incomplete.

Events do happen,
but I wish time to stand still,
I don’t want to move on.
I don’t have the will.

When I go to new places,
I shed a tear
As I don’t want to see
nor hear
what you can’t
my daughter, dear
hear or see
loud and clear.

You are with me
every minute of my day
Trying to lead me
and show me the way.

I sense your presence
in many different ways,
At times experience a touch,
or see a gaze.

It’s not enough! I want to go back
to when you were here,
When I can feel your touch
and hear your voice very near.

Nothing is the same
since you’ve gone
Everything changed,
even the moon and the sun.

My heart is weary
And it can’t anymore bear
to look at your empty room
and empty chair.

People tell me
“Pain wanes as time goes along”
What a myth!
Nothing can be more wrong.

So here I have
another anniversary to face
Oh, loving Samar,
I wish this day I can erase

It marks the fourth year
since you went away
Too many fours for me to handle,
no matter how much I pray.

May God help me
go through the many fours
And enable me to do
my different chores.

As for you,
my little one
It’s true you’ve left,
but for me never gone.

Randah Ribhi Hamadeh ©2010
Written in loving memory of my daughter
Samar Ahmed Al Ansari (4/4/1988-4/9/2006)

Wednesday, September 01, 2010