Friday, October 20, 2006

Khala Yasmine Wrote

A way to celebrate Sammar's gentle spirit

To all of Sammar's friends, acquaintances, and loved ones,
To Omar, Qadar, Mohammad and Waleed,

Latifa wrote: "Samar loved this song, some of u might remember this line from her nick (just a mirror for the sun): road trippin- red hot chilli peppers the ex-factor by Lauryn Hill".

"Just a mirror for the sun".....isn't this like Sammar to appreciate the meaning of this phrase? Wasn't she like a mirror for the sun to all of us? In truth, she was like a mirror for life, for the good things in us, for what each one of us is capable of being? Only last night, I expressed to my sons a thought that has not left me for the past week: Sammar had the gift of mirroring to each one of us the good that she saw in us. She truly did... this was the magic in her. And the only way we can celebrate her mission on earth, her life among us, her amazing gifts, is by doing our best to preserve the good she saw in us and by becoming the best of ourselves that we can be, as she believed we would.

Most of you have began a new life in different places in the world while attending various universities. This is the time for each one of you to mirror Sammar's spirit by devoting yourselves to the hard task of learning and succeeding, while appreciating every moment of your youth through ease or hardship, through happiness or sadness, through trials or errors. There will be obstacles, failures, temptations. But you will overcome, recover, and resist. You will...shine through it all......... like facets of a mirror which will reflect the light Sammar mirrored to each one of you through her love and friendship.

This is how, as Nizar Al Abbas so eloquently wrote, Sammar "will never" become "but a distant memory". She will live through each one of you, through your dreams, your achievements, your good hearts. She "will remain with" you, "as vivid, as beautiful, and as alive as she was when she was with us, because angels, being so precious, are never forgotten." (Thank you Nizar for this beautiful description).

We are so blessed for having been touched by Sammar's gentle, warm, and happy spirit. We have been truly blessed.

May Allah bless each one of you farther with the presence of each one of you for one another and for your parents and relatives. You too are precious to all. Appreciate that gift, moment by moment while keeping Sammar's memory warm in your hearts.

May Allah wrap you, my dear child Sammar, in His infinite love. Allah yarhamik ammourah.

Khala Yasmine.

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