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كل عام وانت بخير حبيبتي- اعادة نشر

كل عام وأنت بخير حبيبتي
العيد أتى..... أينك لتطلي
بملابسك الجديدة المعطرة بالفل؟

 كم للقاء الأقارب بالعيد تشوقت
وكم من مرة للسوق ذهبت
وأزهى الملابس للعيد اخترت
.وأجمل تحية للأهل أهديت

أمي، لا أظن أنك شيئا نسيت"
اعرف انك تتألمين كلما تذكرت
أشعر بما تخفين وبما أظهرت
وأعلم أنك لقدوم العيد حزنت
 وان الجميع سعداء بالعيد إلا أنت
"أسمعك تعاتبيني قائلة "لماذا رحلت؟
أما بحالك وحالي أمي رأفت؟
 فأنا لن أعود أمي مهما تكدرت 
لكني معك بروحي أينما التفت
أحوم حولك، أما بي شعرت؟
قبلتك على خدك ومن النوم أفقت 
وكنت أول من يهنئك بالعيد فبكيت 
امسحي دموعك رفقا بقلبي الذي أحزنت
ورفقا بإخوتي اللذين سيتألمان إن تألمت
أعلم أنك لن تفرحي بالعيد حتى لو حاولت
أمي، أناديك بصمت فهل كلماتي سمعت؟ 
".اشتقت إليك أكثر مما اشتقت

  رنده ربحي حماده

سمر معنا" ٢٠١١ "
جميع الحقوق محفوظة للمؤلفة

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SAMAR AL ANSARI Award for Girls Soccer-2017

The recipient of the 2017 Award is Hajjar Buchehri

Every year, in the Athletics Awards ceremony, IKNS celebrates an outstanding female Athlete by awarding her the ‘Samar Al Ansari Award for Girls Soccer’. 

Because a goal is very important in a game, someone who scores goals is seen by people as a skillful player.  However, a great player is someone who can do many things on the field in addition to scoring goals.  He can bring the team together, assist his colleagues and encourage them to do better and give them confidence to go forward.  A great player is someone who, when his team does not do well, continues to exercise his leadership traits.

This is the eleventh Samar Al Ansari Award that Samar’s family has dedicated in good memory of their daughter to the female student who best demonstrates the above traits.

It is with great pleasure and joy that Samar Al Ansari Award for Girls Soccer goes this year to Hajar Bushehri.

Hajar Busheri stands out among other players.  Her diligence and dedication are exceptional. Her teachers and coaches were always impressed by the way she gave 100% on the field every single practice and game.  She is also kind, courteous, cooperative and self-motivated with exceptional positive attitude at all times. 

Hajar was a great addition to the girls soccer team.

Zaher Abilmona,
Athletic Director
Sunday June 4, 2017

Samar Al Ansari Award for Analytical and Critical Thinking-2017

Parents, Teachers, Students, and Honored guests, good morning.

It is an honor to stand before you today to talk about the Samar Al Ansari Award in Economics.

Samar was an example of a well-rounded student. She excelled both academically and in extracurricular activities, and was an important member of the Honor Society. She was engaged in school activities, and had outstanding contribution to school life.

In her personal statement that is posted on the blog that Samar’s mother started in 2006, Samar wrote about her experience at the previous year’s Bahrain Model United Nations Conference. She talked about how badly she wants to pass her resolution over the issue of alternative energy sources. She wrote “As I began to speak to the other delegates present, I instinctively grabbed a white board marker and began to draw a direct application of economic theory, the externality graph... I began to see more and more heads begin to nod in approval. To my ecstasy and delight, the resolution was passed… I have always seen the link between economics and politics, but at that moment, I realized that economics is the key to cooperation between nations.”

After reading that part of Samar’s personal statement, I realized for the first time the extent of Samar’s passion about the subject. I realized that her perspective is something I wish to be able to adopt as an Economics student myself, and that her instant in depth analysis of a real life from an economic perspective is not very common.
In loving memory of Samar’s passion for Economics, Samar’s Family established, in accordance with the school, an annual Economics award that is given to a grade 12 student who excels at the subject. The recipient of the award must be outstanding at critically analyzing and applying economic concepts and theories, and evaluating their functions. He or she are able to determine when and if the theoretical knowledge taught in class is applicable in real life situations. All of which are skills that are useful beyond getting good grades in school.

We are proud to present the winner of the 2017 Samar Al Ansari Award: Natalie Hanna

Thursday, June 01, 2017