Friday, October 31, 2008

English Journal Entry # 4

A thought just occurred to me, why should euthanasia be legalized? I mean even if a person was critically ill, doctors and researchers could have found a cure in the time he was alive . Also maybe the patients could help in research by letting doctors test on them. I’ve been talking to people about euthanasia and most are against it. I was talking to my Dad who is a doctor, and he said although a doctor’s job is to relieve pain, he doesn’t think doctors should do it. I asked him about whom I should interview and he said someone whose patients have a seious illness and might die and I thought …. a cancer doctor! The book I’m reading about euthanasia is from the “Opposing View points” series, but I feel that it’s leaning towards the support of euthanasia more.

Samar Al Ansari
Grade 8A


Thursday, October 30, 2008


You may forget with whom you laughed,
but you will never forget with whom you wept.

Arab Proverb

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bring My Child Back to Me

Whisper,whisper,wind in the woods,
Bring back my child, here where he stood,
Let him laugh, let him shout, let him giggle with glee,
Wind in the woods, bring my child back to me.

Silence of morning,dew on the grass,
Give me peace in my soul, let this time pass,
Let my child sit beside me, let the two of us be,
Silence of morning,bring my child back to me.

Middle of night, so dark and so still,
Let me relax and remember at will,
Let my child in my thoughts drift forever to see,
Middle of night, bring my child back to me.

Sunrise and sunset,beginning and end,
Give me a day with my child,my friend,
We'll run on the beach,we'll play in the sea,
Sunrise and sunset, bring my child back to me

Memories,memories here in my head,
Don't ever leave me,even though my child's dead.
Keep him alive, keep him strong, keep him free,
Memories of mine, bring my child back to me.

Barbara Patterson

Sunday, October 26, 2008

English Journal Entry # 3

Today I’ve been reading about euthanasia in my book, and what I’ve been reading mostly talks about the good side. Like how people should have the right to die, and to stop the suffering, and how the doctors should make patients feel better by killing them. Also that there are two types of euthanasia: active euthanasia, and passive euthanasia. Active euthanasia is when you interrupt ongoing bodily process but in passive euthanasia, the treatment given to the patient is withheld. It’s all very confusing. I- search is a lot of work, and we already have two more projects and a lot of tests!!! I’m not sure whether I’m with or against euthanasia, hopefully I will find out.
Samar Al Ansari
Grade 8A


Friday, October 24, 2008

لقاء الأحبة

أمي، ها أنت اليوم مع الأحبة تجلسين
دعوك فلبيت الدعوة وأنت تشكرين
فرغم امتنانك للأصحاب والمعدين
وفرحتك بأولادك الأوفياء المخلصين
الذين أرادوا رؤيتك من أجلي كما تعلمين
فأحاطوك بالحنان والحب وكانوا صادقين
كان اللقاء بالنسبة لك مفرح وحزين
و تألمت لأنني لست من الحاضرين
فكتمت الآهة واستنجدت برب العالمين
ولكن تمرد الدمع وبدأت قليلا منه تذرفين
©رنده ربحي حماده
(أم سمر)
المصدر: سمر شمس لن تغيب 2008
جميع الحقوق محفوظة للمؤلفة

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

صف معلماً من معالم وطنك

صف معلماً من معالم وطنك
وما الذي لفت إنتباهك إليه؟ ذاكراً مشاعرك وواجبك نحو وطنك

معلم من معالم وطني البحرين هو جسر الملك فهد. ويقع هذا الجسر العظيم بين البحرين والمملكة العربية السعودية. .لفت جسر الملك فهد إنتباهي لأنه جسر يمر عليه أناس كثيرون، وهو طويلٌ وجميلٌ جداً
جسر الملك فهد يصل بين البحرين والمملكة العربية السعودية، وهناك يجب أن تقدم جوازك، وتدفع ضريبة السفر. وفى جهة البحرين يوجد برج في أعلاه علم البحرين، وفى جهة المملكة العربية السعودية يوجد برج في أعلاه علم المملكة العربية السعودية. افتتحوا هذا الجسر في عام 1986م . يمر عليه أناس كثيرون أكثرهم من السعوديين لأنهم يحبون وطني الحبيب، ولكن البحرينيون يذهبون الى السعودية كثيراً
أعرف أناساً بحرينيين يذهبون على هذا الجسر كل يوم ليذهبوا للعمل هناك، وسعوديون يذهبون على هذا الجسر ليتعلموا في مدرستنا التي هي مدرسة ابن خلدون الوطنية. أنا أذهب على جسر الملك فهد كثيراً لأرى عائلتي في الرياض و المسافة بين البحرين والرياض مسافة طويلة ولكنها ممتعة. أهم شيء في هذا الجسر العظيم أنه هو الذي حقق التعاون الاقتصادي بين الدولتين البحرين والمملكة العربية السعودية
أحب وطني كثيراً وسأضحي في سبيل وطني إذا احتاجني. يا بحرين يا وطني كم أنت جميل. يجب على كل إنسان أن يحب الله سبحانه وتعالى، ثم وطنه، ثم قائد الوطن. ويا جسر الملك فهد شكراً لتحقيق التعاون بين البحرين والمملكة العربية السعودية
سمر الانصاري
السابع- ج

Monday, October 20, 2008

A Saying

When your parent dies you have lost your past.

When your child dies you have lost your future.

Dr Eliot Luby

Thursday, October 16, 2008

English Journal Entry # 2

Today we have begun the I-Search Experience, and frankly I’m not so excited about it. I’ve been talking to people and they say it is a long, boring, and miserable experience. My topic is Euthanasia and today I will start preparing for part 1.

Part 1: What I know
Euthanasia is a very controversial topic, people say no and people say yes. Euthanasia is known also as “mercy killing”. When someone has a chronic illness like cancer and is already dying, he or she might request the doctor to inject them with a substance that can kill them, this is Euthanasia. This choice to die is totally the patient’s decision. Some people view Euthanasia as murder for taking some one’s life away, and others view it as helping patients in pain. I know that Euthanasia is an illegal practice in many countries such as the USA, but it is also a legal practice in other countries such as the Netherlands. The way in which I look at Euthanasia is that it’s like murder in some ways, and like suicide in others. The doctors who practice Euthanasia can be looked at as murderers, but the patients who choose to die can be looked at as suicidal. In modern technology, they are a lot of inventions which can make the dying process longer, but some people think as long as I’m going to die, Why don’t I die and save myself the pain? Others think, you will die when you die, doctors can’t act as God, God will choose for you to die. Does the patient have a right to choose his mortality? I don’t know. Life is a miracle and you have to live it, but what if you’re in so much pain?

Samar Al Ansari
Grade 8A

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

You Tumbled Short of Your Dreams

Daughter, you tumbled short of your dreams
Just like Daisy in the Great Gatsby it seems

Did you over dream precious child?
And your dream became unattainable and died?

And thus its attainability became very slim
An illusion replaced by a future that is so dim

I hear the recording of your warm sweet voice
I would play it all day long if I had the choice

You said “If only she would walk through the door!”
Words you had uttered not realizing what was in store

“Hope never dies” you also said
Where is the hope that one day I will see you wed?

And have three children to love and enjoy
The dream that would have filled us all with great joy

Your dream turned out like a castle in the sand
One blow and things went out of hand

And thus your dream did not become a reality
Just as in the Great Gatsby, except it ended in a fatality

Now it is my turn dear daughter not to over dream
But patiently wait to see your lovely face again beam

As you stand to welcome me at heaven’s door
When my time comes to unite with you, the daughter I adore

Until then, you are alive in my heart loved one
Even though if everyone thinks that you are gone

Randah R. Hamadeh, 2008, Copyright©
Written in loving memory of my daughter
Samar Ahmed Al Ansari (4/4/1988-4/9/2006)
(Note: SAMAR's IB Oral Exam was on the"Great Gatsby")

Sunday, October 12, 2008

اختر شخصية وتحدث عنها ذاكرا أهم منجزاتها ،مبينا الدرس المستفاد من حياتها

" لا إله إلا الله، محمد رسول الله "

هل تعرفون عن حياة رسولنا العظيم، إذا لم تعرفوا يمكنكم ان تقرؤوا عن هذا الرسول العظيم: أسمه الكامل هو محمد بن عبدالله بن عبدالمطلب القرشي. كنية الرسول عليه الصلاة والسلام أبو القاسم، وحرم فى ديننا الإسلامي أن يسمى شخص اسمه محمد ولده الكبير بالقاسم
لقب الرسول بالصادق الأمين، ولقب بهذا اللقب لأنه كان يتاجر بأموال الناس وكان يحفظ لهم أموالهم، وكان صادقاً وأخلاقه حسنة
ولد الرسول فى مكة المكرمة فى الثاني عشر من شهر ربيع الأول فى عام 571م، وقد صادف مولده عام الفيل. ولد الرسول عليه الصلاة والسلام يتيم الأب، وكان اسم أبيه عبد الله بن عبد المطلب القرشي واسم أمه آمنه بنت وهب
كان من عادة العرب قديماً ان يرسلوا أولادهم إلى البادية ليرضعوا ويتعودوا على عادات البدو الذين هم العرب الأصليين. مرضعته كانت حليمة السعدية التي وجدت فى الرسول الخير الكثير منذ ما تعرفت عليه. رجع سيدنا محمد إلى أمه وربته حتى بلغ السادسة من عمره لأنها توفت، فكفله جده عبدالمطلب وفرح به فرحاً شديداً. وكفله عمه أبو طالب عندما مات جد الرسول عليه الصلاة والسلام و كان الرسول فى الثامنة من عمره. عاش سيدنا محمد في منطقتين، أولاً عاش فى مكة المكرمة ثم هاجر إلى المدينة المنورة. جنسية الرسول عربية وهو من قبيلة قريش. لم يتعلم الرسول فى صغره فكان أمياً، والدليل على ذلك عندما نزل عليه الوحي والملاك جبريل، قال له: " اقرأ ". ولم يستطع محمد القراءة، ثم استطاع ذلك بفضل الوحي والتلقين
أصبح الرسول عليه الصلاة والسلام مشهوراً بعدة طرق لأنه كان الصادق الأمين، و لأنه رسول الله تعالى وهو النبي الذي اختاره الله لينشر الإسلام، و كذلك أيضا أخلاقه الحسنة ساعدته على ان يصبح مشهوراً
عمل الرسول كراعي للغنم عندما كان مراهقاً، وعندما أصبح كبيراً عمل في التجارة. أهم إنجازات الرسول عليه الصلاة والسلام انه نشر الدعوة الإسلامية، وأصبح للإسلام دولة وكانت فى المدينة المنورة، و قام بالقضاء على عهد الجاهلية
توفي الرسول عيه الصلاة والسلام فى عام 633م عندما كان فى الثالثة والستين من عمره. مات الرسول من مرض طبيعي، وهو كان يعرف انه سيموت فحزنت ابنته فاطمة الزهراء كثيراً، وبعد بضعة اشهر بعدما مات الرسول عليه الصلاة والسلام توفت ابنته فاطمة الزهراء
وصفه الناس بأنه الصادق الأمين وانه رجل ذو الأخلاق الطيبة، لم يكرهه أحد لأنه كان رجلاً طيباً استحق ان يكون رسول الله
تعلمت من الرسول عليه الصلاة والسلام عدة أشياء منها: الصدق والأمانة، وطاعة الله، والتواضع والمحبة، وان اليتيم أو الفقير يمكنه أن يكون شخصاً عظيماً. استفاد الجميع من رسولنا لأنه قدوة المسلمين الحسنة التي نقتدي بها دائماً
أنا اقتديت بالرسول وأحببته لأنه نبي المسلمين

سمر الانصاري
السابع- ج

Friday, October 10, 2008

Bassma Shammas sent

Silent Cries

There are times in my life when my heart
cries out so loud for you
That I cringe,
wondering what others might think.
And then I realize
that only I can hear the screams.
They are a part of me,
like the blood rushing through my veins
and the breath leaving my lungs.

Author Unknown

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

English Journal Entry # 1

Flowers for Algernon

Progress Report 6-March 15

The operation didn’t hurt, he did it while I was sleeping. They took the bandages off my eyes and my head today, so I can write a progress report. Dr. Nemur, who looked at some of my other ones, said I spelled progress and report wrong, and he taught me how to spell them. I have to try and remember them.

I have a hard time remembering the correct spelling of words. Dr. Strauss says it’s OK to talk about all the things that happen to me, but he says I should talk more about my feelings and my thoughts. When I told him that I didn’t know how to think, he told me to try. While the bandages were on my eyes, I tried to think, but nothing happened. I don’t know what to think about. Maybe, if I ask him, he will teach me how to think. Now, that I’m supposed to get smart, what do smart people think about? Fancy things, I suppose. I wish I already knew some fancy things.

Samar Al Ansari
Grade 8A

(Good Job:Checked by Summer Fakhro)

Monday, October 06, 2008

A poem from Heaven

Mourn for me no more, mom
for I am a soul
I am pure and at peace
I am calm, wise and serene
I live here, there and everywhere.
I can be any place, any time of the night or day.

I am yesterday, today and tomorrow.
I visit the dusk, the dawn and the moon
I touch the rainbow, slide on the clouds
and catch the stars when ever I like .
I wander in the cosmic space and the ocean deeps
I travel long and fast and see all in a glance
I just love it here.

Mourn for me no more, mom
For I am a soul
I am present with you more than before
I am closer to you more than you can ever think
I am just a breath away. Call my name and I’ll be there
Talk to me for I can hear you
Look at me for I can see you
Touch my picture frame and feel my warm smile
whisper my name
I can be for you from here better than there.

Feel the breeze against your cheek, its me, its me
When you watch sunset and the darkness falls, its me, its me.
When the wind blows against the trees, its me, its me
When you smell the fragrance of the jasmine tree, its me, its me
And when you love that aroma of Yorkshire tea, its me, its me
And when ever you see the light, remember
I am here, there and everywhere.
Call my name I am just a breath away.

I am a soul
I do not worry for money, food or any human need
I am with Dad, aunty Najla and uncle Naseeb.
We live our lives in Love and Peace
I am sometimes a rainbow, a cloud or a stream.
I love it here

Mourn for me no more, mom
For I’m with you all the time
When you sit quietly on your patio,
You can see me with every flower bud,
With every morning dew
You can hear me with every insect buzz
And every water drop
You can sense my presence with every breeze
With every leaf, with every sun light streak
Whisper my name and I’ll be there with you, for you,
to support, giggle and laugh.

My love for you never dies,
I’m sorry mom I had to go before you,
I know how much this broke your heart.
But I had to go
a call came by
from the other side.
The call was for me not for you
and I was the one ready with a boarding pass

Mourn for me no more, mom
I love it here and
I am waiting for your turn to come
to welcome you into LIFE,
to join the souls of eternal joy.
I’m with you all the time
Call my name, I’m just a breath away

Call my name, I’m just a breath away
I’m just a breath away
a breath away
away away
By Najwa Mounla,
6th Sept 2008©
Written in loving memory of her son, Haas Mroue

Saturday, October 04, 2008

رحلة الرياض

أمي أحسست بما شعرت
عندما بمقعد الطائرة جلست
!تتذكرين و تتذكرين، آه كم تذكرت
رحلة الرياض صعبة كما قدرت
فكم من الدمع يا أمي ذرفت؟
الظاهر منه وما أخفيت
كم رحلة إلى الرياض معي سافرت؟
ومن الخطوات بالمطار معي خطوت
كم مرة اسمي في صالاته ندهت؟
وعن عذابك لفراقي اليوم أخبرت
ولمقاعده أمي بكيت وعاتبت
ولحقائب السفر أمي اشتكيت
بصراخك الصامت جدرانه أسمعت
© رنده ربحي حماده
(أم سمر)
جميع الحقوق محفوظة للمؤلفة 2008