Tuesday, October 10, 2006

May Yateem Wrote

The first time we met,
Samar and I wer both 2years old, still in diapers. Aunti Randah was holding her in her arms, while my mom was holding me. Our mothers were there to drop off Ahmed, my brother, and Qadar, her sister to their first day St Chris, for their first day of nursery. They started talking, one thing lead to another, and soon we were best friends.
Samar and I had the best childhood ever, we were inseparable. From sleepovers to tea parties, we did it all (I know u remember the tea parties, Qadar). We used to play the original nintendo for hours, our favorite game was, Dong-King-Kong. In our later years of childhood we started playing playstation, our favorite game became pepsiman.
Uncle Ahmed, Aunti Randah, Omar, Qadar, and Samar, you are all my family and you mean the world to me. All my memories include all of you. I remember Gerga3oon'ing' every year. One specific year, I remember an old lady yelling at me for not taking my shoes off, Samar and I laughed for hours. I also remember going over to your house every year for fatoor. Even when Samar and I became a little more distant, I would still be there. Aunti Randah, I love your chocholate mousse.
Before I left to the States, Samar called me that night, insisting we meet up. Even though I was at a dinner party, I told her to come there. We sat outside with some of her friends, catching up on lost time, as well as saying our goodbyes. I thank god i saw her that night, I'm so thankful I got to say goodbye. But she lives on in the hearts of all who love her.
RIP Soso
-love May.

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