Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I Wish

Mother, I never imagined you'll be standing at my grave
Praying, chatting with me, fearless and brave

Mother, I know you are so miserable and sad
And no one can ease your pain, even Dad

I know your happy days with me are gone
Can a mother ever be content after losing a daughter or a son?

Life will forever be to you incomplete
And joyful events will always be bittersweet

Mother, rest assured that I hear your cries
And listen to your aching heart and silent sighs

I wish I can come and wipe away your flowing tears
Including the dry ones that no one but me sees and hears

Oh Mother, I wish I could ease your pain
And for your sake, bring myself back to life again

Randah R. Hamadeh , 2007, Copyright©
Written in loving memory of my daughter, Samar Ahmed Al Ansari

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