Thursday, December 13, 2007

Did I Teach You Too Well About Heaven?

Did I Teach You Too Well About Heaven?
Did I make it sound too good?
Were so very eager to get there,
That you went before you should?

I didn’t want you to be afraid,
To be doubtful or unsure.
I described a wonderful happen to you,
And made you feel secure.

I know you believed unfailingly,
In God and the immortal soul;
In a heaven where loved ones reunite,
Broken families are once again whole.

Did I teach you too well about heaven?
When the angel of death came to call,
You left without struggle or argument;
Without any objection at all.

When you were still a child,
As your mother I assuaged your fears.
I never imagined you’d be so convinced,
Or sacrifice so many years.

If I taught you too well about heaven,
And you willingly entered the light,
I hope heaven is all that I promised.
God, I beg and I pray I was right.

Madelaine Perri Kasden
Written in Loving Memory of Her Son,
Neill Perri, 10/2/71-6/15/95

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