Monday, August 27, 2007

My Hopes and Goals for Grade 7

My hopes and goals for grade seven are:

I hope to be quieter and more attentive in class. I don’t want my grades to drop, and I want them to be as good or even better than last year. I also hope that teachers don’t give us very hard work. I want to live up to my expectations, and be the best student I can be. I hope that the lockers won't always be crowded, but I know that will never happen. I hope I also get used to the change of lifestyle around here. My biggest goal ever this year is to remain friends with my friends in different classes. I want to be in the tennis club this year and in the football club. I hope all of these come true, let me rephrase that! I will try my best to make them come true.

Samar Al Ansari
Class 7 C

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