Wednesday, August 01, 2007

How Much I Miss You

Do you know my beloved daughter Samar, how much I miss you?
Do you have any of my news? I wonder.
And how I long for a look from your eyes
And how I wish, even for one last time, to kiss you from head to toe
And how I miss that beautiful smile.
Oh how my hands pine to touch your face,
Wishing if time could only bring you back, merrily playing with your siblings.
Do you know that my comfort is in your notebooks, papers and what you have written?
I read every line and my memory takes me to what your eyes read
And that I now wear the bracelet and watch that adorned your wrist.
Do you know that I pray each raqa’a in your room and direct my dua’a to you?
My yearning pulls me to sleep in your bed hoping to dream of your smile,
And to live moments with you, hugging you and kissing your cheeks.

From: SAMAR: Sunset and Sunrise, Page 54
by Randah Ribhi Hamadeh, 2007, Copyright©
(Translated by Lina Ribhi Hamadeh)

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