Friday, December 01, 2006

My Family's Oral History

My Family’s Oral History

An oral history is a true event that has happened to your family that is passed down through word of mouth. Some can be heroic and talk about how an ancestor fought in a war, another can be about love and talk about how your grandparents met, and another can also teach us lessons such as mine today. This event took place a while ago, with its main character as my grandfather’s brother Dr. Subhi Hamadeh, or my great uncle, may god bless his soul. This event happened in Lebanon. It is a simple incident that has taught me a valuable lesson.
Subhi Hamadeh used to go to the barber every once in a while to cut his hair or get a shave. The barbershop he went to recently got a new employee, and one time Subhi went, and the new employee cut his hair and constantly covered his face with a towel. Subhi thought this was all part of the new employee’s style, as would anyone else. After Subhi was done he went pay, but he didn’t find his wallet! He thought that he left it at home, but when he went home he didn’t find it! Then he told his wife what had happened at the barbershop. She laughed and said, “Don’t be foolish, he stole your wallet, and kept on putting the towel on your face so that you don’t see him”.
My great Uncle Subhi had learned a valuable lesson, and I have learned one too; always be cautious. His wife was amazed with his naivety that every time he would do something of that manner, she would say, “What? Did they cover your face with a towel again?” Now, if an incident like this happens in my family, she says it, and we understand her. My Great Uncle Subhi has taught everyone a valuable lesion, possibly without realizing it. I think I will laugh every time I hear this story, and maybe someday I will be telling my own children this true story that happened to their mother’s Great Uncle Subhi.

Done by: Samar Al-Ansari

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