Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Home by SAMAR Al Ansari

Home is not a place but a feeling. Home is where I feel myself, and where I do not fake smiles or laughs. Home is where I say and do what pleases me without the fear of anyone judging me. Home is where I can start a discussion without worrying about what others may think of what I do or say. Home is when I tell what I feel and what I think of without excluding anything and feeling comfortable. Home is sitting in my room listening to music and writing in my journal. I write what's on my mind, without a judgmental voice whispering in my ear. At home, I reveal myself entirely without hiding behind barriers. At home, I am as transparent as a glass of water. To get to know me, and I mean real me, you must provide a home for me first.

Samar Al Ansari 9.2

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Anonymous said...

i was browing through and accidently found this. it's too beautiful.....