Friday, November 24, 2006

Samar will always be here

Its hard to move on
to stop thinking about u
everytime i try i slip more and more
be strong they tell me
smile for those around u
i want to hear you laugh again
i want to see you smile
cant you come back and just visit for a while?
We all miss you dearly
cant stand the thought without u
it seems impossible that you are gone
as if the wind came by and just took you away
like a leaf off the ground
you floated in the wind
waving your final goodbye in a gentle dance
samar i know your still here
you haunt my dreams lingering still.
although it has been three months since then
my tears still fall again and again
time will not claim my love for you ever
friendship is immortal it lives within your stories
never will your memories fade
it glows like your soul strong and steadfast
longer than time, forever.
Laila Al-Yafi

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