Saturday, July 13, 2013

Her Birthday

Her heart pulses with love and giving; every day is her birthday and every moment underlines her being.  The skies light up the sun for her in the mornings and the moon in the evenings.
The birthday holds the flavors of joy, hope and joy and today I am a messenger carrying this message from Samar gifting you these letters on your birthday..

On the ceiling of the sky
I hung the pulse of my spirit.
The bells play their chimes.
For you “My Mother”
I rearranged the clouds’ furniture
And on the clouds
I built you a throne
That competes with Balqis’s,
And decorated the graves’ walls                    
With stars and planets glitter,
And from the falls of my hair
I wove a carpet
With infinite passion.
Today the angels and I will come
To celebrate your birthday
Mother …
Today you are Queen
Your crown is love,
Your throne from
The nectar of feelings.
“With each pulse, you are my Mother”
“Full of love, that’s you, my Mother.”

 “Your beloved Samar”

The messenger of letters “Loay Taha
Translated from Arabic by Lina R. Hamadeh

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Anonymous said...

So so beautiful.
Happy birthday!!