Monday, July 22, 2013

Friday Rendez Vous Hymns

I wait for you with immense love and longing
To recite suras from the Quran
And as usual celebrate
Our Friday rendez vous.

For you I covered my grave with jasmine
And on its walls
Hung your face
And from my soul lit up
A candle for you.

On the side of my grave
I wove for you
A seat from veins
So that you can sit
And not get tired
And not leave me quickly.

Yesterday, Thursday night
The moon whispered to me
About my brother “Omar”
And my beloved “Qadar”
And my “Father”.
I felt at peace
And on the shirt of my cheek
A tear of joy dropped ..
I wait for you with lovers’ eagerness
Knowing that our rendez vous
Will be superb.

I wait for you Mother …Samar

Loay Hussein Taha
Translated from Arabic by Lina R. Hamadeh

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