Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Rose

I saw a red rose on the stone next to your tree
You can’t imagine what this did to me

Your being remembered made me so happy and glad
And for few moments I forgot how much I’m sad

Who is this person? He or she must be so sweet
To have left you a red rose, I wish I can meet

I stood there with tears falling from my eyes
No one ever forgets the person who dies

As I picked it from the floor I called your name
Asking,” Do you know from whom this rose came?”

Silence embraced me as your father and I stood
This person remembers you because you were good

Thank you for the rose whoever you are
I know that Samar thanks you from afar.

Randah R. Hamadeh, Copyright© 2012
Written in loving memory of my daughter
Samar Ahmed Al Ansari (4/4/1988-4/9/2006)

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