Tuesday, September 04, 2007

A Year Has Passed

A broken heart, mine has become
From a pain that is only known to some

There is no pain like a mother's pain
Who is unable to see her daughter again

A year has gone, my precious one
When you said, "Mum, come watch the sun"

Hours later, you were called to heaven above
Leaving me astounded and all those you love

No tears can wash away the grief in my heart
Your death has ripped it to pieces apart

The amazing woman you have grown
Blessed with many things, let wit alone

Has been chosen to leave early, by the Lord
Something that no one can prevent, young or old

Although eighteen, yet left life with a mark
An older person could not have been able to spark

A remarkable young woman that no one can replace
Believe me Samar, no one can fill your empty space

All my life for you, dear daughter I will grieve
One year has passed my love, do you believe?

Randah R. Hamadeh, 2007, Copyright©

First English Poem Written by Um Samar

Written in loving memory of my daughter, Samar Ahmed Al Ansari

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Mrs Dynamite aka Lorena +Wonder Women... said...

Salam Um Samar...
I being very very touch it from your writing, Im a mother andwhen I was reading you I was felling your deep pain (hugs). I just break out in tears and I run to my liitle Sara Mashaallah to hugs her, she ask me Mom why are you crying?.. I told her I just want to hug you, and Inshaallah you will be always with me.. and I Apoligize for all my hot temper with her... Im really sorry for your lost sister ...Inshaallah Allah will help you with your pain