Friday, December 14, 2012

Reading Log #1 For Novel

Author: Diana G. Gallagher
Date Started: 16/9/2000, Date Finished : 30/9/2000
Category of Novel: Other Fiction
Sabrina: Sabrina is a teenage witch who lives with her aunts.She has blond hair and white skin. Her friends are Jenny and Harvey,and everbody thinks Sabrina is nice and sweet,but frankly they think she is a bit weird. Sabrina likes most of the people in the novel, but she doesn,t like Libby, the mean cheerleader and her cousin Tanya, because they act very mean to her and they do bad stuff to her. Sabrina tried to be friends with them, but it didn't work out because of their cold heartedness. Sabrina handles the conflicts in this story rather well, and did a very good job keeping things in order, and that is because she tried and tried till she succeeded, and that was very mature and smart of her.
Tanya: Tanya is Sabrina's cousin who is a witch also. She is also blonde and white skinned, and as Sabrina described her very beautiful. Not many people like this cold- hearted witch, because she is a rather mean person and casts evil spell on them. Tanya doesn't like Sabrina and her friends, because they are mortal (not witches) and Sabrina is half-mortal, but she likes Libby because she is also mean. Tanya doesn't handle the conflicts well at all, because she thinks Sabrina is dumb and doesn't know any spells, so she will win. That reminds me of the story of the 'Tortoise and the Hare'.
Setting: This story takes place in modern times, in a mall in the USA, and sometimes in Sabrina's house and rarely in the school.
Plot Summary: Sabrina and her class have assignments for the weekend to work in a store at the mall. Sabrina got to work in the shop that she wanted to work in, and in the job that Libby wanted to get, but didn't. In Sabrina's job interview, she was stuttering a lot, and almost cost her her job. At the store she worked in, she saw a very pretty girl staring at her. At home in her aubts' house, she saw the same girl, who turned out to be her cousin as well as a witch who caused the stuttering spell on Sabrina. Ever since then, Tanya has been causing Sabrina and her friends trouble. Sabrina then finally comes up with a way to avoid Tanya's spells. Will Sabrina succeed, or will she not?
Content: I really enjoyed reading this novel because it was entertaining as well as educational. Every time I'd turn a page, I'd get even more excited. This novel touched me so much that every time Sabrina was sad, I wassad and every time
Sabrina was happy, I was happy. Some of the major themes of this novel are to keep trying even f you fail, and to act nice to people even if they aren't nice to you. These themes were presented to me when Tanya casts a spell on Sabrina, but Sabrina was still nice to her, and when Sabrina thought of a way to avoid Tanya's spells and she kept on trying and trying. The characters of this novel are funny and entertaining, but not very real, because most of them are witches. The characters were very convincing, because you can tell how happy or sad they were from picturing them in your mind. The setting, which was the mall and Sabrina's house is an exciting place to be in by using your imagination. The language of this novel is appropriate, but not that appropriate because a teenager is talkning. This particular novel reminds me of many novels such as: Sister Sister, and Little Sister. I would definitely recommend this novel to people, because I had a lot of fun reading it and I think others will too. I would read more novels by this author because the ways she describes the characters and how they are feeling is phenmenal. The novel in my opinion was just right because the novel didn't keep going on and on, or was too short that it leaves people in suspense.

By: Samar Al Ansari

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