Friday, December 07, 2012

A beautiful poem

I thought that time would stop if you had died
That sun and moon and stars would disappear
The earth itself might vanish into darkness
If I had lost a life I held so dear
But though you're gone the sun still heralds the day
And darkness only brings a brief respite
The world goes on, and those who never knew you
Just cannot know the grief that's in my heart.

Yet even in that grief I keep the gladness
That comes from having loved you and been loved
And even in my anguish and my sorrow
Somehow your presence seems to ease my aching heart.
I see your smile and still share in your laughter
I talk to you and feel that you are near
I know that somehow you can still be with me
To help me bear the grief that's ever here.
I so believe that love can live forever
That happiness of memory conquers pain
And although the world seems empty now without you
I know that sometime we will meet again.

Author Unknown

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