Monday, October 04, 2010

Please come back

Please come back
even if
for few moments,
I pray.

As a parent,
I took your life
for granted
and never imagined
that you’ll ever leave before me
even by one day.

With your departure,
not only had I lost a part of me
but many other losses
And now my old self
seems so faraway…

There aren’t any words
that can express how distraught
I am, or images that
can adequately portray
my yearning for you
and for the moments
we shared in sadness,
joy or play.

By going unexpectedly
You gave me no chance
to tell you
all what I wanted to say.

I wish to apologize
if I ever caused you
any dismay
and also want you to know
that I think of you
night and day.

Even though,
you’re in my heart
and forever you’ll
I want you to
please come back
just for few moments
I pray.

Come back to hug me
and tell me
“Mother, I am okay”.
And for me to hold you
for a moment,
in my arms
and say all what
I need to say.

Or better,
come back to affirm
that your death
is just a hearsay
And that you
went on a trip
and that is why
you were away.

Randah R. Hamadeh, 2010, Copyright©

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