Saturday, February 06, 2010

Gatsby's Eulogy

Gatbsy’s Eulogy, delivered by Nick Carraway who was put on spot at the funeral. People present: Gatsby’s father, the minister, and Nick.

(Clears throat) I don’t think I’ve ever seen Jay’s house as empty as it is today. The life, fun, and excitement that have become characteristics of Gatsby’s beloved house seem to have passed with Jay. I remember the first time I came here was when I attended one of Jay’s famous parties. At that party, I could barely move because of the amount of guests. To speak to the person sitting beside me, I would have to shout, but now my words can get across to you two with a hushed whisper. Do not be fooled by the empty seats for Jay Gatsby was a name that slipped off everybody’s tongue at one point in time. (Nick looks at a wine stain on a carpet and remembers Gatsby’s parties).

Jay will always be remembered for his generosity. For he continuously opened the doors of his home to the public, providing them with entertainment, leisure, and endless nights of glamour. He was one of the wealthiest men I knew, but unlike my other wealthy acquaintances, Jay shared his wealth with everyone. Jay’s cars, servants, and other of his belongings were at the dispense of his acquaintances. I remember once Jay bought a complete stranger a brand new designer dress because she had torn hers at one of his parties. Only white hearted men are capable of such generosity. Jay always listened to his heart and not his mind; he was a slave of his own heart.

I don’t know if I am the right person to be delivering this eulogy due to the short period of time I have known Jay. His life was such a blur to me, but the mysteriousness of his identity did not blind me of his great attributes. His kindness, determination, and extraordinary achievements were evident whenever I conversed with him. (Looks outside window and sees yellow police tape around pool).

Not long ago, I remember being told that Jay was in fact Kaiser Wilhelm’s nephew. Rumors grew in number day by day, and each one was more preposterous than the other. The residents of East Egg and West Egg occupied themselves with unraveling Jay’s identity, and spread rumors in order to quench their dying thirst for entertainment. These people disappeared at the most inopportune time. How I would have loved for them to be here and discover that Jay Gatsby was not the nephew of Kaiser Wilhelm, but merely a boy with a dream. (Looks down at Gatsby’s body and puts a hand on his coffin).

I shall wipe the foul dust off your coffin dear friend (wipes coffin).Your body is no longer tainted, you can finally let it all go. Goodbye old sport.

Samar Al Ansari
12 IB

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