Sunday, June 02, 2013

Samar Al Ansari Award for Analytical and Critical Thinking in Economics for 2013 at IKNS

In this ceremony every year, the school celebrates an outstanding Economics student by awarding him/her the Samar Al Ansari Prize in Economics.

The eligible student for this prize excels in applying and analyzing Economic concepts and theories. He/she also shows distinguished ability to evaluate economic concepts and theories in the context of real world examples.

 Samar Al Ansari was an IKNS student and a member of the Honor Society who exhibited these qualities. Yet she was more than just a couple of accomplishments. Like any other teenager she also had many hobbies and interests. A favorite number, a love for sunsets and at some point, a hangout spot at Luigi’s. She was not just an ordinary student to her teachers for she was loved and praised for her kind heart and hard work.

She enjoyed analysis and there was ample evidence of critical thinking in her work as testified by her teachers and colleagues. For that, students from every year are pushed to excel and continue her legacy. As a tribute to Samar, and to honor her memory, Samar Al Ansari’s Prize in Economics is awarded by her family every year to the student who best demonstrates these qualities.

The Samar Al Ansari Prize in Economics this year goes to Mohamed Nabil Ali.

I have the pleasure to invite Dr. Randah Hamadeh, Samar’s mother and Chair of the Educational Committee, to present the award.
By  Noor Karmustaji

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