Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Hero of the Play

The Heroine of this play is Juliet. Juliet is the one who had to make all the major decisions and truly act like a woman. Everything was so simple for Romeo, but Juliet was the one who had to make sacrifices. First of all, Juliet was strong enough to disobey her father by refusing to marry Paris. Some might say that she ended up obeying her father at the end, but that is because she didn’t want to sacrifice yet another precious thing in her life. Juliet was not the type of person to weep over what has passed, but she was a person who took action. She went to Friar Laureee and asked for advice, then made a decision that will for sure affect the rest of her life. She decided to fake her death and lay in the Capulet tomb for about 2 days; I don’t know how more courageous you can get than that. Finally, unlike Romeo who was a chicken and drank poison to kill himself, Juliet killed herself by plunging a dagger into her flesh and dying a painful death. No one would choose a painful death over a peaceful death; Juliet did. Juliet was willing to sacrifice anything to the one thing she believed in, love.
In my opinion, Romeo didn’t understand love, and wasn’t sacrificing enough for Juliet. Everything bad in this play happened because of Romeo. Romeo constantly ran away from his problems, but Juliet had to face them like a true lady. Some might say that Juliet was a woman and Romeo was a boy. Juliet is a truly amazing character, who I look up to because she teaches us never to give up.

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