Sunday, December 20, 2009

So They Say

It should be getting easier I often hear you say
The time is passing quickly since your son went away
It must be getting better as I see you smile a lot
And time is such a healer
So they say!

Life must be feeling normal now
Although I know it takes a little time
But when I lost someone a year later I was fine
Oh yee, I cried on birthdays you know the kind of thing
A tear or two and sadness
But time is such a healer
So they say!

It’s lovely to remember them with smiles you say
And all those memories will help take the pain away
I cannot even go there if I do I know I’ll die
You seem surprised at thoughts like that
You think I’ve lost my mind
You say that time’s a healer
So they say!

Well it isn’t getting easier I’d like you all to hear
Life is just as painful with every passing year
But I’ve had a lot of training and my aching skills are great
I could beat an Oscar hopeful any day!
You stare at me in wonder
How can she feel such pain
After all time is such a healer
So they say!

Sue White 2006 Copyright ©

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