Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Songs that Remind me of Samar Part 2

She liked: Tell Me (Remix) by Bobby Valentino. The song made her cry although its not sad at all.
She also liked many songs by Mariah, "emotions" made her prance and she loved the Emancipation of Mimi album excpet the song "Fly Like A Bird" and made fun of me for liking it.

Oh yeah, and the Aquapura song, 17, reminds me of her. Samar was really good at finding obscure songs that nobody knew about but that were really good.

Allah yir7amich

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Latifa said...

Ya she cried to that song wen she was in lebanon right?
and the aquapura song is my ringtone. i remember listening to it in yolanda for teh first time and making her send it to me.