Tuesday, October 03, 2006

SAMAR'S Epic Poem in 10th grade

Samar A. 10.3 Epic Poem

The day that my belovèd entered my life wasn’t diverse to the days passed.
He was presented to me as Roger, my brother Chadwick’s squire.
Roger had delicate, white skin resembling that of a pearl.
He had beautiful green eyes that made your own eyes water from their splendor.
His light volumous hair fell upon his shoulders,
And relentlessly swayed from the gentle breeze.
I viewed Roger as nothing more than a pretty face at first.
I am not a believer in love at first sight,
For my heart didn’t quiver, or jump upon our first meeting.
I didn’t feel intoxicated by his charm, or good looks at first.
My love to him took ten years to develop.
It was a long process, but it was worth my time.

I was ten years older now, but not wiser.
My relationship with Roger did not alter,
I still merely saw him as my brother’s squire,
But in a blink of an eye that all changed.
I was followed home one day by Charles, the drunk.
My heart augmented with fear with every step I took.
My poor, naïve heart froze with terror when I felt his vile hand on my neck.
My feet distorted into planted tree stumps,
And I remained motionless for several seconds.
His abominable hands were moving all over my body, and I just stood there.
Like a true knight, Roger appeared and came to my rescue.
With one strike from Roger’s noble hand Charles plummeted to the ground.
He tenderly picked me up and started wiping the tears from my fear stricken face.
That was when my eyes met his for the first time,
His eyes shined like diamonds in a field of snow.
As I stared into those exquisite eyes of his,
I realized that I was meant to be with him and only him.

Time surpassed, and my love to Roger amplified.
My smile never parted my face.
At every sight of him, I began to hear sonnets in my head
Which my heart danced to.
Roger, of course was oblivious to my love.
The thought of telling him made me perturbed.
If I was rejected, my heart would break,
And I am not certified at mending broken hearts.
I tried to glimpse him in any way possible,
But he never looked my way.
My love to him was pure and honest.
I didn’t love him for his looks,
Or for the fact that he was becoming a knight.
I loved him for the person he was,
I loved him for being so valiant,
And I loved him for putting a smile on my face every day.
One glimpse of him would make up for all the hardships I’ve faced before.
He was my sole reason for living.
But I couldn’t tell him this….
His training here in Yorkshire was almost done,
And he was scheduled to leave to London in a matter of days.
The thought of him leaving my world
Felt like a sword being plunged into my heart.
I wasn’t ready for him to leave, I wasn’t going to let that happen.
So, I went to Xavnier, the local magician
and pleaded with her to concoct a potion compelling Roger to stay.

The concoction was slipped into Roger’s drink,
And to my ecstasy and delight, Roger decided to stay.
I still loved Roger from afar
The thought of revealing my love to him still terrified me.
In my opinion loving someone from afar,
Is better than not loving at all.
I didn’t want to lose the greatest thing that ever happened to me.
In a matter of days, Roger entered a tournament in a nearby manor.
I was there cheering him on, when all of a sudden a sword penetrated through him.
In a flash he was laying there dead on the ground,
His beautiful green eyes now vacant like my heart.

My one and true love died
Without ever knowing the depth of my feelings towards him.
I miss him….
Like the desert misses the rain.
I am left here in this cruel world, soulless,
With a broken heart that will never love again.
My tears flow like water from an ocean.
Days pass but the pain I feel is never diminished
I couldn’t escape fate…
In both ways, Roger was going to leave me,
Either by going to London, or by death.
And my heart will never be the same again…

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