Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Songs that Remind me of Samar 1

Samar had good taste in many things, especially her Music and here are just a few of her favourite songs:

Modjo- Lady
Tiesto- In my Memory
Tiesto- Cafe del Mar
Motorcycle- As the rush comes
Axwell Feat Steve Edwards- Watch the Sunrise (Radio Edit)
Bob Sinclair- World Hold on (Axwell Remix)
Filterfunk- SOS Message in a Bottle
Lee Cabrera feat Mim- I watch You
C-Mos- 2 Million Ways (Axwell Remix)
Ernesto v Bastian- Dark Side of the Moon
Marlyn Manson- Tainted Love
Sweetback- Lover
Sade- By your Side
Sade- King of Sorrow
The Lost Prophets- Last Summer
The Underdog Project- Summer Jam
112 feat Mobb Deep- Hey Luv
Angelo feat Lumidee- Amazed Remix
Coldplay- Fix You
Coldplay- The Scientist
Red Hot Chili Peppers- Californication
T-Pain- Im in Love with a Stripper
The Eels- I need some sleep
The Perishers- Trouble Sleeping

1 comment:

Subah said...

swallowed in the sea is her favorite coldplay song. "its just the way its sung" is what she used to say