Friday, October 13, 2006

Nezar Al Abbas Writes...

My sister and I were very lucky to have known Sammar, Omar, and Qadar at one point or another during these preceding twelve years or so.
I remember with happiness the times we spent together when we were still children, and it would be true to say that I now very much regret not knowing Sammar in the year's before she passed away.

Sammar embodied the best that humanity had to offer in this world, whether in her compassion, in her love to her family and friends, or in her charm, which always radiated from her and needless to say affected those around her profoundly.

To everyone whose lives Sammar touched, whether in a way big or small, she will never become but a distant memory, but will remain with them, as vivid, as beautiful, and as alive as she was when she was with us, because angles, being so precious, are never forgotten.
Our memories of her will remain in all our hearts like a ray of light in every darkness and a silver lining on the edge of the storm that fills our hearts when we remember her.

Needless to say things will never be the same again, neither for her family, nor for her friends.
Yet some solace can be had from this, as it comes to show just how special Sammar is to everyone, and just how lucky her family and friends were to have her, painfully short though the time was.

I think that we can all be confident in our belief that god has taken her in with all his compassion and love, and that she is in a place far better than the one we are in now.

الله يرحمك يا سمر و يمسح على قلوب أهلك و أحبائك برحمته إنشاءالله

Nezar Al Abbas

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