Friday, January 04, 2008

Why did you come 2008?

Why did you come two thousand and eight?
And why is everyone happy and feeling so great?
If your intention is to bring me joy, then it is too late
Since you have already determined my fate

I cannot welcome another new year
Without having my beloved daughter near
It is amazing how everyone else is joyful and wants to cheer
I guess many among them have not yet lost someone so dear!

"Why are you so sad on this day?" I am asked
Does it coincide with the day your daughter passed?"
Gone should be the days that you mourned her and cried
It is over a year since your beloved daughter died!"

Is there anyone who understands why I still cry?
And why I do not wish another day to come and fly?
And why I want to go back to when my hopes were high
Two new years ago, when I did not know how it is like to sigh

Although my daughter is always in my heart alive
I want her next to me, when I eat, wake up, sleep and drive
Oh two thousand and eight, I wish you did not arrive
I wish you go two new years back and my past revive.

Randah R. Hamadeh, 2008, Copyright©

Written in loving memory of my daughter, Samar Ahmed Al Ansari

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