Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Message of truth

Samar, a few months ago I saw your mother. A strong woman but her eyes tired, and full of thought. I am not here to write a letter of false hope, but a message of truth. The day I saw your mother is a day I will never forget. My entire life I have always learned of a safe distance between elders, stranger and acquaintances. Living in Bahrain we all know what to do, we shake hands, smile politely, maybe lean in for a quick brush across each cheek if initiated by the elder person, and carry on our way. The day I saw your mother with a posture that contradicted the tears in her eyes was the 1 year anniversary of your safe path to heaven. I sat down next to her, greeted her politely as I explained, as one is taught to do in any situation. I know she saw you in my eyes. I know she sees you in all of us, all of your brothers, sisters, family and friends. I saw the tears stream down her face. In that exact moment, I stood to my feet. Some kind of wall had just been broken before me, because I found myself holding your mother, hoping that in someway it would bring her peace, comfort and the reminder that she is not alone. No one should be expected to suffer alone; God blessed us with the ability to feel, to cry, to break. Um Samar, I want you to know that I will remember that day, because that day, I felt like no stranger, Instead, we were two people, who understood… No words necessary. That day reminded me that although people may be unique, different in each way, we all feel pain. Um Samar, I saw you hurting, and I hope you know I hurt with you. We all hurt with you. But we also smile for you, because you were blessed with a daughter that brought joy to this earth. It may have only seemed like a moment, a fraction of time that she was present with us… But she made an impact on every soul that passed her by. To you Um Samar and your entire family, your heads should be held so high… Your wonderful daughter brought together a divided nation through united love for one young girl…For that very reason, I hope you can find a way to always look past dark moments and just smile for who she was, who she is, and who she always will be in every heart that has had the great blessing to simply shake her hand.

Alia Aljarallah

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