Monday, January 21, 2008

The Case of the Stolen Large Pepperoni Pizza with Anchovies and Extra Topping

"I'm hungry, let's order a pizza!" Fat Boy Slim said.

"We're always hungry, remember?" Randy Large Waist said.

"Please!" Fat Boy Slim pleaded.

"Ok." Randy Large Waist answered.

Fat Boy Slim began dialing the numbers 245245.

"Hello, one large pepperoni pizza with anchovies and extra toppings!" Fat Boy Slim said.

"Yes, your usual order sir!" The attendant said.

"Make it snappy please, bye!" Fat Boy Slim said.

The boys waited and waited for their pizza. Ding Dong!

"Pizza!" Both boys exclaimed.

They found their usual deliveryman at the door.

"That will be $2.50."The deliveryman said.

"Here's a twenty, keep the change." Randy Large Waist answered.

The two boys are very neat and clean, except when they eat. However, they still went to wash their hands. When they returned their pizza was gone!

"No, this can't be happening!" Fat Boy Slim exclaimed.

"Don't worry, we'll just order another one." Randy Large Waist said calmly.

He reached into his pocket and took it out empty handed.

"No! No money!" He shrieked.
"Maybe the delivery man stole the pizza!" Fat Boy Slim assumed.

"Impossible, we know him for such a long time." Randy Large Waist said.

"Let's call the police!" Fat Boy Slim exclaimed.

"Ok." Randy Large Waist said.

"Hello, Police this is Fat Boy Slim and Randy Large Waist. We are calling
because our large pepperoni pizza with anchovies and extra toppings has
been stolen!" Fat Boy Slim exclaimed.

"We'll be on the case right away Sir." The police officer said.

Ding Dong! The boys ran to the door. They found Mr. Sheriff there with the pizza delivery boy.

"OK, where should we start our mission?" Mr. Sheriff asked.

"How about all over the block?" Randy Large Waist suggested.

"OK." They all said.

They started out at the stoop of the door following some footmarks. The marks ended and they ended up right back at their house.

They were astonished to find the pizza on the table!

"Hey, Fat Boy Slim, did you check the table?" Randy Large Waist asked.

"No, I went straight to the television room!"

"Oh, Fat Boy Slim, what are we going to do with you?" Every one said except him.

"But whose footmarks were they?" They all asked.

Samar Al Ansari

Class 5D

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