Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Drawings (42) -Sunflowers by Samar


Mary Jane Hurley Brant said...

I have watched your tender Youtubes and I don't know your culture or religion but I know your loss of precious daughter and beloved father and my heart feels the sorrow of a million sunsets seeing your child and father and where our losses meet.
Your American Sister, MJ

Um Samar said...

Mary Jane,
I am deeply touched by your comment as it is coming from a bereaved mother who does not know me but yet knows how it feels to lose a child. We also share another type of loss,that of a father.
Thank you for your support.

Mary Jane Hurley Brant said...

It is easy to support a light; to dance in its brightness.

Our daughters were so beautiful, gifted and kind.

It is a privilege to remember how a father's love rewards a daughter's esteem for the rest of her life.