Monday, September 25, 2006

Noora Abul Wrote...

It’s funny how unpredictable life can be; the night of the accident I was out with Qadar and some friends, and we were telling here how glad we were that Samar was going to be attending York with her in October. Qadar was telling us how excited Samar was to be going to university. Little did we know that God had a different plan.

Samar was never just “Qadar’s little sister”; she was much more than that. The last two years since I graduated high school was when I really got to know her. I’ll never forget our talks on MSN; at times she would advise me about what to do about this or that, or tell me about how much school work she had. Other times she would tell me how much she missed Omar and Qadar while they were away, which goes to show how much she loved them.

I’ll never forget the day in February when Samar came to Warwick with Auntie Randah and Auntie Rima. We had a great time walking around the university and talking over lunch. Of course, Samar did not disappoint us when she cracked a couple of jokes. I could tell she was excited to be starting university soon, and although I was encouraging her to come to Warwick, deep down I thought it was best for her to join Qadar in York because I knew how close they were.

There are many different qualities that Samar had that I know I will never forget; however one thing that stands out is the strong bond that she shared with Qadar. Whenever Qadar would tell me anything, whether it was the latest gossip or something regarding her life, she would almost always tell me Samar’s opinion on the matter. I think that is the greatest testament to the bond they shared.

Although Samar’s life ended abruptly and at a very young age, she touched many people’s lives. Others live for much longer but do not have the same impact that Samar had on people. In this very difficult time one finds solace in the fact that Samar is in a better place. We are all praying that God helps her family through this time, and they have proven to be strong.

Noora Abul

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