Monday, September 25, 2006

Mona Hammadi Wrote...

I saw the link on Omar's nick..i started reading through and as strong as I thought I was I broke down..allah yr7mch Samar.
I did not know you at all, I was in IKNS for two years but I did see you around school, distinct familiar face...So I don't have much to say but all i can say is that after goin through this page I felt like I knew you and now I have become someone else's heart that you have touched..I've read doa'a your mother put up repeatedly and I'm just in tears..I have written it down so I can read it daily after my prayers..Tears, heartache, and pain are meaningless..Nothing but our prayers and doa'a will reach you and I promise you they will..
You are in a better place and God is taking care of you, what better place to be than under his watchful eye and in his caring hands..

Mona Hammadi

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