Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Samar Al Ansari Award for Girls Soccer

Athletic Awards

Samar Al Ansari Award for Girls Soccer

School year 2015/2016

In the Athletics Awards Night every year, IKNS celebrates an outstanding female Athlete by awarding her the ‘Samar Al Ansari Award for Girls Soccer’. 

The eligible student for this award exhibits excellent sportsmanship combined with a commitment to IKNS sports and a high standard of skill in soccer.

Samar Al Ansari was an IKNS student who exhibited these traits.  She enjoyed many sports, yet she excelled in soccer.  She enjoyed a high sense of fairness, self-control and respect for her team, coaches and opponents. 

Today, we celebrate these fine traits of sportsmanship, and encourage young IKNS athletes to endorse them as well.  Playing a sport is not only about winning and losing.  It is also about discipline, perseverance and courage.  This is what the Samar Al Ansari Award symbolizes, and this is what IKNS Athletes aspire to.   

This is the tenth Samar Al Ansari Award that Samar’s family dedicate in good memory of their daughter to the female student who best demonstrates the above traits.   

The tenth Samar Al Ansari Award for Girls Soccer goes to ….

Ms. Liana Al Natour, Grade 12

Zaher Abilmuna,
Athletic Director
Sunday June 5, 2016

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