Monday, April 04, 2016

Ten Years Without You

It's your tenth birthday
That you missed.
We have been there
For each birthday.
Felt your mother’s longing
And affection displayed
With different flowers
Each year, roses, irises,
Orchids and other flowers
Enjoying the rest of their
Lives nurtured in vases
Around the assembly of
Framed photos that shine
In your precious corner
As a reminder that you
Remain with us.
Four-Four are not numbers
But symbols that show up 
Not randomly, to alert us that
You are surrounding us.
Last time we saw you
Was on Labor Day,
Adding another Four
Not a coincidence to have
Labor and Four that year
Again another symbol for
The labor of your mother’s love
Carrying you for nine months
Flying in the eighth to Oxford to
Pass her doctorate thesis defense with
Only you witnessed her determination..
Her labor has not stopped
Nor her generosity to share
With us her love for you.

By Lina R. Hamadeh

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