Thursday, February 24, 2011

You're My Guest In Thought

Once A Day

And Sometimes More,

You Knock Upon My

Day Dream Door.

And l say Warmly,

"Come Right In,

l'm Glad You're Here

With Me Again!"

We Sit Right Down

And Have A long Chat,

Recalling This,

Discussing That,

Until Some Task

Comes right along

That l must Do.. That

Forces Me Away From You...

Reluctantly l Say Goodbye,

Smiling With A Little Sigh.

For Through My Day Dreams

They Bring You Near,

l Wish That You

Were Really Here ....

But What Reality

Can't Change,

My Dreams And Wishes

Can Arrange...

And Through My Wishing

You'll Be Brought,

To Me Each Day,

A Guest In Thought.

Author Unknown

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