Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Compare and Contrast Paragraph

From the few points I’ve heard about the main characters of my tablemates’ novels, I have learned that their main characters and my main character share many differences as well as similarities. The main character of my novel “Habibi, Liyana Abboud, is an insecure, confused girl, who is scared about staring a whole new life. My tablemates’ main characters are all teenage boys. One of them is a trouble maker, the other is simply tough, and the last one is a week rejected person who gets into a lot of fights. Unlike the first two characters, Liyana isn’t tough or secure about herself and her personality. She keeps referring to her self as a “half –half”, because her father is Palestinian, while her mother is American. She doesn’t seem to know who she is, and she seems scared of sharing her path of self discovery. She has something in common with the rejected boy, because he too seems to be scared and confused. The other two boys seem to be sure of themselves. My tablemates’ main character s all seem to get into trouble, while Liyana is a girl who accepts everything, but keeps her emotions bottled up inside. As for the setting of my novel and my tablemates’ novels, they are very different. The setting of “Habibi” is in a neighborhood in St Louis, but will soon change to Jerusalem, Palestine. It takes place in a modern day, in an urban society, but will soon change to a society which is a more of rural and urban societies. The settings of my tablemate’s novels all take place in modern day high school, in an urban society as well.

Samar Al Ansari
Grade  9.2

6/1/ 2003

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