Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Friendly Letter

88 Insanity Road
Isa Town, Bahrain

Nov 30th, 1999

Dear Rabab & Mariam,

Hi, how are you? I’m fine. I went to the carnival with some friends, but I didn’t win anything! I’m proud because last time I went to tennis and played well. What have you done so far? Anything exciting? I’m sure you were busy with the play. So was I. I hope I was good.
Did you like the carnival? I am very busy with homework and projects. You’re lucky you’re in third grade. Did you win any prizes at the carnival? I didn’t. I saw you a lot in the past few days. I’m excited about Ramadan! Are you guys excited, and are you going to fast?
I live in West Rifaa, in front of the National Stadium. My house is two minutes away from school, I could go walking. I’m looking forward for the rest of The Westing Game. I am way ahead of you since it’s my REP novel. Where do you live? Did you like The Westing Game so far? You know this is our last letter. I’ll be seeing you soon.

Grade 6A

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