Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What is your favourite memory? Why?

My favourite memory was two years ago when we had a family reunion in my house. All my mother’s brothers, sisters, and her mom and dad came. I had the best time with my cousins and I really enjoyed it. My mom’s family haven’t been together all as one family in eighteen years, and they were more than happy. When I’d stare into their eyes, I’d see happiness and that made me feel great. We took a lot of pictures and every one of us will remember that day till the day we die. I enjoyed it very much because I knew every body was happy, and I was so happy! The others enjoyed it because they were together for the first time in eighteen years. We felt closer to each other than we ever felt before, and how that felt is beyond explaining since it’s so wonderful. All of these wonderful feelings were felt by all of us thanks to my wonderful mother. My mom is Palestinian and when they lost Palestine she and her family felt they lost some thing forever, but at the family reunion they felt that they still had some of it in their hearts and family. When it ended I felt so bad and all these feelings went away. I look back at that memory with no regrets, and wish I could live it over again. When I think of my favourite memory nothing can spoil the jolly mood I’m in. Some people might think that it’s just a family reunion, but to me it’s more than that and it will always remain more than that, because it is my favourite memory.
Samar Al Ansari
Class 7 C

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