Sunday, July 22, 2007

Vocab Par

My heartbeats got faster as I thought about the breakfast I had this morning, it felt like it was going to come back up. I was due to be knighted by his Royal Highness King Peter in less than ten minutes. My palms filled with sweat, but I felt so unbelievably cold. Even though I finished my training, I was still unfledged. As I sat there filling my head with worrying thoughts, I saw the king’s affair manager come true come towards me. “Are you Brian Mender? He asked “Yes, Sir”. I responded.

"I know that you are scheduled to be knighted today, but something has come up. A tournament will be held in a short while, and the king is short of knights. Normally, you would participate after you were knighted, but this is a special case."

Of course I agreed, and I was taken to the castle where I was suited up. We reached the tournament area, and as taught to, I went and kissed all the noble ladies on their hands. After the various welcomes, I mounted on my horse and the tournament was about to begin. I looked around me and saw everyone from nobles to serfs applauding their favorites. I was grasping the unstained shillelagh in my hand, and when I heard the herald announce the start, I almost dropped. The mêlée began and a feeling of determination swept over me. My heart was racing and the sight of the opposing knights made me flinch, but I was determined to win this tournament. I needed the money and the prestige that came with it. I began hitting the knights with my various weapons and impaled two of the three knights with my father’s sword. This act secured over victory, yet I was left unsatisfied. Even though I had the prowess of a knight, may be I was not cut out to be one.

Samar Al Ansari
Grade 10.3
Nov 10,2003

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