Thursday, November 16, 2006

Ahmed Al Umran Wrote

About 4 years ago... I started hanging out with some of the girls like sarah, dana, and samar. Probably the best years of my life. No hard school work (IB), no stress, just relaxation and enjoyment.

One story that samar have is when we were both in London for a winter vacation. Her, her sister, my sister, and I all planned to go out. That day I met up with her on oxford road. We started talking and talking about so many things. We started with the people in Bahrain, in London, in school (since we are both taking IB and have no classes together), and so many other things. We talked about where we might go to college, how we were doing in our IB subjects, and all our friends back in Bahrain. We walked for a while, then both our sisters decided to go shopping in topshop. So we joined along and we went up to topman. There I started trying out anything I can find. Then she picked out a really nice hat, Michael Jackson style. It was perfect and I bought it strait away. Now everytime I wear that hat, it reminds me of her. So this goes to samar to answer what she said to me in the year book: ‘Ya, I love the hat.’

I got to know her and her friends better and used to hang out with them almost every weekend. We would go out to eat dinner or go to friends house, sometimes just to talk. Our favorite restaurant was luigis by saar avenue. It was considered our place. We would always go there to eat, since they make amazing pizzas, and after that probably go to danas house to sit and relax. One day that reminds me of samar so much is one day we were at danas house. I think it was just me, her, dana and latifa. We started talking about the most random things and she started telling us how misunderstood she was. I still, to this day, don’t know why she thinks she’s misunderstood. But we were all so happy and laughing so much at what she was telling us, that we decided to agree that she is misunderstood. And to this day, her name still stays on my phone as misunderstood. I will never remove her name to never forget her and all the good times we had.

I love you samar and me and everyone else will never forget you. You might be far away by distance… but you will never be by heart or soul. Thank you samar for everything.

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