Thursday, October 12, 2006

Yara Hassoun Writes..

samar... samar was realli sweet.. such a friendli person..i remember the very first day wen i came to ikns i didnt no anyone.. and samar led me around.. she introduced me to her friendz..showed me around school campus and made sure i felt welcome.. i never forgot that.. and after a couple of years of me being in ikns me and samar used to remember how lost i looked the day i walked into english class..and she was the only one welcoming me with a warm smile... but as we both grew and she went into the ib program...we didnt get too close because our classes were seperate but still whenever i saw her.. she'd alwayz be smiling and greeting me.. i miss samar so much.. she crossez my mind alot... now.. and before then.. sometimes id be sitting at home doing home work and out of the blue id wonder how shes doing.. if shes okay.. me and samar weren't as close but i still cared for her.. i just wish that samar rests in peace...allah yer7amik...
-yara hassoun-grad class of '06

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