Monday, September 25, 2006

Reem Nooruddin Wrote...

Sumer, where do i start? every time i think of you, tears come rushing down my face. You were a person that i really respected and looked up to. Your smile always cheered me up. You're more like a sister to me. Even though i wasn't really close to you, you always made me feel special.. and always encouraged me to take IB, which i did.. and i dont regret YET. I remember the first day i had MUN last yr, you were my group leader. The only reason i looked forward to meetings and to MUN is because you made it seem so easy. You helped me through every step and always told me that it would be okay. We always ended up talking about hi5 instead of going over our hw. I never told you that, but i realy realy apreciate everything you have done to me. I remember the day where me, you, and dana sh3sh3a wre sitting and talking about your grades in grd 10. i also remember the day after soccer dubai tryouts where we were sitting listenin to you telling us about ur shardaat to the field. Wallah ayam.. i wish you were here, i wish i can tell you how much you mean to me.. bas this is life.. nshallah i see you in a much much better place. you really don't know what you got til its gone.. i love you sumer.. i never imagined that the day u and latoof came over to my hse before i left to spain was the last time i saw u or even the last time i talked to u.. ra7mat allah 3laich yel '3alya.. i pray for you every day and night.. you're with me in every step i take.. alah y9aber iljmee3 ya rab.. xoxxox i LOVE you so so much.. words can never express wlah.. In search for sunrise..
-Reem Nooruddin .. luv u sumer

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