Sunday, September 24, 2006

Noora Sayyar Writes...

You left in such a bad way, we didn’t even have the chance to say good bye, why you of all people? No one deserves death at this age, especially not you. Dashaitay 7ayaty o 5alaiteeny 9ig a3izich o a7termich, o a7een bess tearaktay ib 6areeqa ma7ad gader e9adeg-ha. No words can express our big loss. I still can’t believe your gone, I know your somewhere in this world, but we just can’t see you. It would’ve been so much easier if I didn’t know you. If I didn’t, I would’ve just gotten over it in a day. I’m glad that I met you, I don’t think I’ll ever meet anyone close to being like you. This is the first time I’ve ever lost a friend, someone I really loved and respected. No one can ever replace you in my heart and I’m sure every persons heart, I’ve known you for just a year and you’ve touched my heart in so many ways, I can’t imagine how you’ve touched those people lives who you knew for years and years. I will never forget the days you were practicing for your driver’s license and I saw you in this little car driving so slowly and than for a second, I was looking for you and I don’t know where you disappeared. I got to know Samar better after the senior soccer team last year and our soccer trip to Dubai. How can I explain to you Samar, she was as fast as a road runner, smart, funny, loving, mature, caring, all the good characteristics you can think about were all in Samar. She used to be called fast legs by Mr Clark also known as “Clarky” and without her, the soccer team would’ve failed. She was one of the best players. I will also never forget the last night of Dubai, all of us in your room than il shardah to Mc and you were struggling to get over the fence then getting caught. You can’t imagine how you’ve left us, whenever I see a Ford Explorer on the road, all the memories I’ve spent with you come to my mind and I just start thinking about how a great person you were. I always wanted to see the way you drove because I couldn’t imagine you driving.
Last year, I was really anxious to go to Dubai for soccer, this year, I don’t really care whether I go or not because we’ve had a lot of memories their and I know that if I go it won’t be the same. Anywhere won’t be the same without you. Samar, in this year that I’ve known you, you made me laugh sooo much on things that I wouldn’t laugh about if anyone else told them. You’ve touched my life in unique ways that no one has ever touched. Whenever I’m in a bad mood at anytime, I just see Samar and she starts to crack me up, now I have no one to do that. Every time I’d go to the gym, I’d see her there with her sister, Qadar, and I use to say to myself, they really seem to be close mashallah, I’ve never seen Samar in the gym without her sister. I can’t even begin to imagine how she is without you, mashallah, she’s very strong. I used to never hear bad things about Samar, she was a little good girl, an angel sent from above, and that’s something rare that to find in Bahrain. Your parents are really lucky to have a daughter like you, I feel like you never caused problems to them. Your in a much better place, the world doesn’t mean anything without you in it. Allah i9aber iljamee3 5a9atan, ubo o um Samar, Qadar o Omar. Inna lillah wa inna illayh raj3oon. Allay yer7imich yel ‘3alya (Q16). I’ll see you in another life inshallah.
With lots of love,
Noora Sayyar

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