Saturday, September 30, 2006

Ms. Timme Writes for Samar

“We love it the ‘06” -- This will always sum up for me the remarkable class of friends that graduated in June from IKNS. When I was watching the Grade 12 DVD of the year that has passed, the most significant message that came through was the incredible unity and friendship of this year’s senior class. I have never known a class that was so close, so happy together. Sports, academics, guys, girls, I.B., H.S., Student Congress, Honour Society, Carnival, Skip Day – whatever group or activity, they were supporting and sharing with each other in the fun. It was only appropriate when, for the first time ever, the whole grade decided that the award for the Superlatives entry for “Most Likely to Stay Friends Forever” should go to the Class of 2006.

And Samar was one of the leading stars of this Class. She was always there in the midst of whatever was happening, helping, cheering and joking, the centre of a happy, lively group who were making a difference in the school. These were our seniors, the student leaders of the school, getting ready to start out in life – they were too young and alive to die…..

I remember Samar in the English class, working to improve her writing skills, participating in class discussions and complaining about having to study King Lear! I remember the interactive presentation she, Latifa and Dana did on the global impact of international financial institutions – and making what might seem a difficult, dull subject not only understandable to all but also fun. Working with friends to make something worthwhile, stimulating and interesting was one of Samar’s great skills. She had insight, intelligence and imagination.

That is one of the reasons why we miss her so badly. Other reasons include her special-ness, her brightness, her reaching out to all and making everyone love her. When I read all that has been written about her by so many people, the loss seems even greater. My heart goes out to her family, her parents, to Omar and Qadar, and to her other relatives. My heart goes out to her friends, now spread about the world, in Bahrain, Australia, the U.K., the States and elsewhere. We have been privileged to know Samar and her memory will live on in our hearts. I too believe that she is in a better place, where God is blessing her. I pray for His comfort to her family and friends in this tragic time. We will meet again.

Ms. Lynette Timme

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Anonymous said...

صباح الخير
أود أن اعرب عن حززنا جميعاً لفقدان هذه الشابة الجميلة المفعمة بالنشاط والحيوية.
مع العلم إنني لم اعرفها ولم اصادفها في حياتي ولكن بمجرد تصفحي لما كتب عنها احببت أن اشارك بما استطيع لاعبر عن حزن لفقدان شابة مثلها وامثالها

باقة ورد ارسلها الى قبرها تعطر المكان
وتلون التراب من حولها

رحمها الله
ودمتم على الخير دائماً وابعد عنكم الاحزان

أخوكم/عبدالهادي الخلاقي