Monday, September 25, 2006

Laila Al-Yafi Wrote...

Samar, you are amazing. There are so many things i wanted to tell you. So many memories i wanted to laugh about with you. Time is a impatient, it did not give us the chance and it did not let me tell you how much i loved and looked up to u. You had this amazing ability to make anybody laugh. If i just looked at you i would break down. You know when you laugh so hard you don't make a sound? You are the sunrise. Your presence lit up the sky, people were just drawn to you. They were warmed by your love and happiness. Now the sun has set and there is only cold. My heart lays dormant in hybernation. Waiting for your warmth. Samar, i think about you all the time, and i know you are thinking about all of us. I feel you in the breeze, in the rays of the sun. I hear you through laughter. Whenever i do something dumb i know your laughing, and i start to laugh with you. I have always found you amazing Samar. I just wish i had the chance to tell you everyday, and im sure i am not the only one. There was no warning, no signs. I will always remember that utter feeling of grief when i first found out. I still feel that stabbing in my heart and soul. It won't stop because i will never forget you. I was so angry in the beggining but i remember how forgiving you were. You still teach me today Samar, thank you so much. I will always love you.

Laila Al-Yafi

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