Saturday, September 23, 2006

Fatima Salahuddin Writes..

i might have not been close to samar for many years. When i was six i went to ikns, i didnt know anybody at all. i was small and scared. it was second grade, i was asked to go to 2B. there is where i met little samar. i remember this so clearly, she was the first to introduce herself to me. i was scared but she made me feel at home. she introduced me to the other girls and boys. we spent many breaks together many outings together. Sadly,i left the school a early later, we lost touch, we met again thru art class we use to go to. Since the second grade samar and I have never been that close but i can sure call her one of my real childhood friends. Senior year i began seeing her alot, she was still the same cheerful person i knew, who always had a huge smile on her face. Before graduation she told me she might go to the same college i am in now. I was looking forward to that, we talked about it and laughed about it too. I just wanted to let samar know that she made a big difference in my life and will always be remembered. just keep smiling angel..
-Fatima Salahuddin

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